Silkworm Food

Today I will be comparing our extremely healthy silkworms to one of the most popular feeder, the superworm. The superworm has one benefit over silkworms, that being they are easy to raise being they live long and breed easily, while silkworms need special silkworm food. Other than that, silkworms are superior in every way, first being their amount of protein in them compared to supers.


Superworms have a %20 protein content, which is better than the cricket at %18, but the silkworm takes the gold with a whopping %64 protein content!! other than they are healthier for your beloved reptilian, they will even show you, place a superworm next to a silkworm, put your bearded dragon near them and they will tell you for themselves! I have NEVER seen a bearded dragon prefer superworms over silkworms! But where do you get the silkworm food, the eggs, and all of the knowledge needed to switch over to such an extraordinary feeder insect? We offer everything you need to be successful, from easy to follow raising guides, the best prices on silkworms food anywhere, and even the best price on silkworm eggs! you will never see us putting out unhealthy feeders, such as the superworm, we have tried them out for ourselves and they are very hard on animals to digest with their hard outer shell. One of our main goals at Oregon Silkworms is to be sure that we offer the highest quality products at the lowest price, making it easier on everyone for the reptiles we have all grown to love healthier than ever! we also offer complete support on all of our products! if you ever have questions about our product just send an email! we will be more than happy to assist you with any of your needs, questions, and comments!