Silkworm Food FAQ

One of the most commonly asked question I get is which is a better feeder, dubia roaches or silkworms. This is a hard question to answer because they both have their own perks! I have had a lot of experience with both Dubia roaches and silkworms, and honestly, they are both outstanding feeder insects! When deciding on which is best for you it is important to consider the dubia roaches simplicity compared to silkworms, and silkworms protein content compared to the dubia roaches.

One of my favorite things about the dubia roaches is how easy they are to care for! As long as you have a good constant high temperature and a couple minutes every couple days you are golden! Silkworms on the other hand are more time consuming, they require special silkworm food and daily feedings. Dubia roaches can eat just about anything! I generally feed them oranges and my specially made gut load (I will be selling this after some further testing)! You only need to replace the gut load and oranges as they dry out or run out. With silkworms on the other hand you must constantly make sure it is not to dry, and they always have some food, they are not nearly as hardy as the dubia roaches. The dubia roaches clearly win the simplicity aspect.

What’s on the inside is what really counts, right? Silkworms have nearly double the protein compared to dubia roaches! Also a major advantage of silkworms is there soft skin. Dubia roaches have a hard outer shell which is to protect them, while silkworms are very soft making it very easy for reptiles to digest! With the specially formulated silkworm food, and how much research has gone into it worldwide, this instantly makes a superior feeder! In this case the silkworms are the clear winner!

So this leaves us off with a tie between silkworms and dubia roaches as of which one you should use! So what’s my final answer?
FEED WITH BOTH! To insure healthy reptiles, without emptying your wallet I recommend to alternate dubia roaches and silkworms! What I recommend is to buy 100 dubia roaches of whatever size you need, silkworm food, and either silkworms, or silkworm eggs. Raising the silkworms is more difficult but with the instructions on my site it is very doable!