Silkworm Chow

At Oregon Silkworms we strive to offer more than the very best product, more than the very best price, we want to be sure we go above and beyond with every customer!

Our silkworm chow is a great example of this! We have searched high and low for the VERY best product, and that is exactly what we found! we import our own silkworm chow from across oceans, so we can be absolutely sure that any silkworms we sell will be as good as they possibly can.

As well as it being an all around great product, it is also the best price I have ever seen on any silkworm chow, even that of lower quality! we are all about our customers, you are the reason we are here! when we can save you money, on any of our products, we will! its very often I find myself upgrading shipping so you will get your silkworms faster than normal, I have upgraded standard USPS shipping to 1 day, of course this is not every day, but when I can I will always help out my customers!

We are very open to any comments any customers, or someone that is just following our guides to raising feeder insects, if we can improve our site for you, and for the future readers, we will be sure to make it as good as possible! We believe our customer service is just as important as any product we sell, if you have a question about our product, you should be able to know quick, and that’s just how we do customer service. we respond to emails Extremely fast, you will be shocked! to wrap it up, our silkworm chow is a must if you are buying eggs, live silkworms, or already have eggs unless of course you have mulberry trees!