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Silkworm And Hornworm Food

At Oregon Silkworms, we offer the very best silkworm chow available! If you plan on raising silkworms, and you do not have a constant supply of fresh mulberry leaves, the artificial silkworm chow is a must have! The powdered silkworm chow that we offer is a just add water and cook formula. Once cooked the silkworm food can be stored for up to a month when refrigerated. Our special foil packaging allows the silkworm food to be kept fresh for two full years if kept in a cool dry place. In order to feed your reptiles the best feeder insects, you must feed those insects the best food! Cooking instructions are included with each package of food, and can also be here. This food is also a great food for hornworms.

$14.99$520.00 available on subscription