Q. My hornworms are not moving. Are they dead?

A. As long as your hornworms have a bright teal color, and are near the food they are most likely alive and well. Dead hornworms will shrivel up and turn a dark color very quickly. Hornworms do not move very fast, and will move even slower at lower temperatures.

Q. My hornworms are too small

A. Do not worry, hornworms grow at an incredibly fast pace if kept warm! Try to keep them around 80-85°F and they will likely be the perfect size for your pet in a matter of days! We ship hornworms at a smaller size since they can survive the transit much easier. The smaller worms will not produce nearly as many feces, keeping the cup clean and your hornworms healthy!

Q. The post office took too long to deliver my package, and the hornworms all arrived dead

A. Unfortunately we cannot control the post office, and sometimes packages do take longer than expected to be delivered. Please contact us immediately and we will be sure to accommodate any issues.

If your question is not covered here, please reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!