Introduction to Dubia Roaches

Caring for dubia roaches is very simple and straight forward. As long as you can follow my guide relatively close you will be successful in starting your own dubia colony are just caring or them before you feed them of to your hungry pet. I strongly recommend dubias for smaller lizards and geckos. dubia roaches are a great source of protein and aren’t too difficult for them to digest. If your pet has trouble digesting the exoskeleton of your feeders, you should try some silkworms as they are very soft and easy to digest. But for reptiles that are big eaters the dubia roach is one of your best options. A great advantage of the roaches is that they can live up to two years!


– One plastic storage bin

– Your heat source

– Egg flats

– Flat cardboard

– Some of our high protein gut load

– And of course, carrots!


I strongly recommend you have your enclosure entirely set up before your roaches arrive, this will minimize the stress on you to get them happy and eating. First I will describe and annotate the way I set up my own containers for raising and breeding, I will also go through heating options, finally and maybe most importantly is the daily care that dubia roaches require.

The enclosure: your enclosure can be set up for as little as $6! Cheaper containers may have very flimsy lid, but I don’t use lids on them as I like to make sure they have plenty of ventilation. For the cardboard I use USPS shipping boxes that I had a few of them laying around and thought I would put them to use. You can find egg flats for free if you do a little bit of searching, you could go to a local restaurant that uses eggs and most of the time they will gladly give you the ones that they would throw away anyways.

Colony of dubia roaches


Heating options

Personally I use heat rope, I have heard people having bad experiences with it but I’ve never had a single problem. You can also use ceramic heat bulbs, heat pads or just an everyday heater. I never do any heating without a temperature controller just so I can be confident it won’t get too hot or too cold, although this is not necessary. I always keep my roaches as close to 90 F as I can, they can live in cooler conditions most of the time without a problem, but they may not breed for you.


Everyday maintenance

Once you have everything set up how you want it, all you have to do is slice carrots, mango, or oranges into the empty strip that is in the middle. You should keep an eye on how much buildup there is in the bottom of the container. Don’t let your bins get too dirty, clean it out at least once a month (depending on how many roaches you have).


Breeding Dubia Roaches:

breeding dubia roaches is a rather simple process. As I mentioned earlier if you want to breed them, keep them right around 90 F. once the roaches are full grown separate males and females (males have the fully developed wings although they can’t fly). In your breeding container have about 200 or less roaches with a female to male ratio of 3:1 respectively. As long as you keep the temperature up and make sure they are not over crowded you should start seeing baby dubias in about 6 weeks!!


Questions, comments, or suggestions? Please email me at if you have any questions about dubia roaches!