Difficulties of Raising Silkworms

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Difficulties of Raising Silkworms

When raising silkworms what is the hardest thing about it? Silkworms are by far not the easiest to keep and raise. They have many small things about them that require attention, and if they are not cared for close to exactly how they need, you will be losing many worms. For most people buying the silkworms and silkworm chow will be the easiest option, but it comes with a price. For those who want to begin raising silkworms to save money while having happy reptiles, this is for you! In my opinion, the hardest thing it is keeping everything clean and keeping a constant supply of food at all time.

By keeping everything that comes into contact with your silkworms, you will increase the amount of silkworms you get from the number of eggs you hatch. One of the biggest issues I’ve had is keeping silkworms and dubia roaches in large numbers in the same room. By keeping them in the same room, you are asking for disease! This happened to me and I was out for 5 months! If possible keep them in separate rooms, but if you can’t, use screen tops on the silkworms!

Another major obstacle is keeping a steady supply of silkworm chow in the containers at all times. Silkworms can go a day or two without the silkworms chow but it is not ideal! You may be required to feed up to twice per day depending on how dry the climate is.

All around silkworms can be hard to get started raising, but once you’ve got it down it gets relatively easy to keep a constant supply of this amazing feeder! By raising your own silkworms you will save money while keeping happy and healthy reptiles!