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Silkworm Food FAQ

One of the most commonly asked question I get is which is a better feeder, dubia roaches or silkworms. This is a hard question to answer because they both have their own perks! I have had a lot of experience with both Dubia roaches and silkworms, and honestly, they are both outstanding feeder insects! When […]

Silkworm Eggs

Silkworms have many advantages over other common feeder insects, the main disadvantages is the cost. In order to make silkworms a cheaper staple feeder, you can raise your own with our silkworm eggs! Lets say you are trying to find a healthier alternative to crickets, superworms, and mealworms, so you go on the internet and […]

Silkworm Food

Today I will be comparing our extremely healthy silkworms to one of the most popular feeder, the superworm. The superworm has one benefit over silkworms, that being they are easy to raise being they live long and breed easily, while silkworms need special silkworm food. Other than that, silkworms are superior in every way, first […]