We have best quality silkworm chow and Live silkworms available at best price . Did you know that silkworms are one of the very best feeder insect? The silkworm life cycle goes through the larva-cocoon-moth stages, which are typical of most moth like insects. Here are some interesting facts about silkworms and their life cycle. The silkworm eggs, laid about 300 to 400 at a time, generally take about ten days to hatch. Once the silkworm eggs hatch, the larvae or live silkworms eat incessantly during the larval stage!


They prefer eating white Mulberry tree leaves, but they will feed on all varieties of the mulberry tree. Silkworm eggs will hatch all year round given the correct conditions. Buy them for the experience to watch a silkworm hatch, spin a cocoon, turn into a moth and lay eggs or buy them as a feeder insect for your reptiles.


With the best product for anyone starting to raise silkworms (or have been) . I try to make it as simple as possible to get what you need and learn what you want to know about raising silkworms. To keep it simple, we have no checkout minimum, so if you only need a half pound of chow, get only a half pound of chow! When I was starting out with silkworms, I was ordering small amounts of the food so I had to pay a lot more because of the discounts offered with bulk buying.
We still do have the bulk pricing but it’s not as steep as the others, if you only need one bag you will pay less than you would elsewhere for ordering 16 of the exact same product! We have spent years searching for the best deal on this food and we’ve found it!

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